DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 38

not about love but about what the man could offer. I didn’t mind her insults at all. I was just grateful that I had a roof over my head and food to eat. In exchange, I took care of all her housework, including washing her underwear. While I was with her, information came that Andrew was getting married. I was shocked to say the least, but she laughed and called me a fool. “This is the person you said wants to marry you.” She sneered and threw the invitation card in my face and stormed off. As I looked at the invitation card, my tears flowed freely. Later, I made my enquiries and discovered Andrew was getting married to a girl who was studying Accounting at the University of Benin. She was in her final year and had been sponsored by Andrew since her first year. The wedding was scheduled for the following weekend in Agbor, and I promised myself that I would attend, not because I had any plans to cause problems for the couple, but because I wanted to see Andrew joined to this woman. If I was going to heal, I had to witness it all. Amaka tried to dissuade me. She didn’t see the point and frankly told me that she thought I was crazy, but I insisted and eventually she allowed me to accompany her. I cried openly all through the church wedding ceremony and reception. I didn’t care who was watching or making a mockery of me, and believe me, a lot of people present at the ceremony had a good laugh at my expense, as Amaka informed me when we returned home. But I did not care. Andrew had rejected me. Nothing could be more painful or humiliating. With Andrew married to another woman, I saw no reason to remain in Agbor and made another attempt to plead with my family to no avail. I had become an outcast, and anyone who had anything to do with me would become an enemy of my entire family, therefore I decided to go far away from home. With the help of Amaka and her sugar daddy, I relocated to Abuja to begin a new life. Prior to this time, I had never been to Abuja and I knew no one there, but Amaka had a friend who had lived there for years and had become a well-established prostitute. Amaka informed her friend, Amarachi, I would be coming and asked her to assist me in every way possible until I settled « 38 DOZ Magazine July 2018 down. I got to Abuja and with the aid of Amarachi, I became a fulltime prostitute, standing on the road and selling my body to any man who could afford it. Sometimes I went to nightclubs where I was likely to meet a man who required my service. At this stage in my life, I hated men because of my bad experience with Andrew. I saw all men as liars and cheats, and I vowed to kill any man who ever double-crossed me again. I was ready to go to jail, as I saw myself as someone who could never amount to anything. I was down and I was ready to pull down any man who tried to take me for a ride. Every time I stood on the road, I was armed with a syringe filled with a poisonous substance, and I vowed that if I ever came across a man who slept with me and refused to pay me, I would kill him without a second thought. However, that never happened. All the men I met not only paid me, they paid me very well for my services, and so I never needed to become a murderer. I did this job for a period of two and a half years when I met Raymond, or Ray, as I now fondly call him. We met outside a nightclub. He was buying some suya