DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 34

DOZ Chronicles: N N EKA An excerpt from the novel, DOZ Chronicles: NNEKA, by Eturuvie Erebor. Available on Amazon. Eturuvie Erebor My name is Nneka. I was born thirty years ago in my hometown, Illa, a small village very close to Asaba, the capital city of Delta State in Nigeria. My parents were very poor and unable to take care of the eight children born in their marriage, and so from the age of ten, each of us was sent to live with a member of our extended family who provided us with education and other basic necessities of life that our parents could not afford, and in return, we served them as domestic assistants. I had a wealthy paternal uncle, Tony, who lived in Agbor with his wife and daughter. They had been married for many years with one child, Ruth, who was born seven years into their marriage. She was their only child and terribly spoilt, as they lavished all their wealth on her. I was about nineteen years old when I went to live with my uncle Tony; prior to this time, I had lived with another relative. I had alr