DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 30

and dull-looking post will distract from any flag you display near it. If you glance at the beginning of my drive, you will see a flag with some kind of greeting. I want my visitors to feel happy when they look at my yard. For summer I use one that says, “Welcome, Friends” or “Summer’s Here!” It can brighten one’s day just to know that somebody cares and wants to welcome you! I use a small garden flag for these messages, placed among flowers that I have planted in the early spring around the mailbox, and that now are blooming. Usually, the flag I display for spring or summer has a bouquet of flowers on it. These flags also look lovely displayed in a flower garden next to your home. A few yards down the driveway is another flag. I usually use a “holiday” flag here to celebrate the holiday that comes according to the season. For instance, for July, I use a large flag that represents our country. It doesn’t have to be an authentic American flag, but it usually has colors of the “Stars and Stripes” and a saying like, “God Bless America” or “Thank you, Veterans.” Caring for your flags are vital. Be sure to wash your flags from one year to the next. Previously I have stored a flag straight from the flagpole and have found almost non-removable stains that have remained during the prior year. They are difficult to remove after that length of time. Also, if you take your flags down each year to clean them, you will notice any small tears that you need to repair before flying them the next year. We have strong winds that blow almost continually across our twenty-one acres so small tears can become large rips, if you find them, and don’t mend them when you put them away for the season. My husband is a Marine, and so you know we absolutely “must” have a Marine flag on our flagpole further down « 30 DOZ Magazine July 2018 the drive, next to our home. He is very proud of that flag. It says much about who he is as a veteran and a man, as well as, how much he loves his country. Of course, an authentic America flag hangs above that Marine flag. On my front porch is a sort of flag. It is a metal ornament that hangs from a stand and is an “angel,” holding a banner that proclaims, “May God Bless You!” It stands next to my front door. To me, it represents what I want friends and family to know—that we care for them and that