DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 29

Home Sweet Home Wave the Flag! It’s I July! Marilyn K. Smith love flags, and they are a fun way to share your personality with your guests this summer. My favorite kind of flag is an appliqué flag that has bright colors and readable words on both sides. I like ones that have a rounded design with curves and not just a plain rectangle shape. Now, where are the best places to display a flag? The answer--just about anywhere! I use the area around my mailbox at the front of our property, to demonstrate a welcoming attitude to anyone who drives by my home or turns down my driveway. Most importantly, if you use your mailbox as a focus point, be sure you have cleaned it well from the winter grime that tends to be left behind after many rainy, stormy or snowy days. Also important is to apply new paint to the wood that holds your mailbox, if needed. A dirty, grimy DOZ Magazine July 2018 29 «