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over need to try to get negative information. But I would say for every negative information you read or thought you have, replace it with something positive. Look for positive information that women who are over thirty-five and unmarried, and later they married, and they conceived such as myself. And you’re going to find a lot of that on InSeason Mom because a lot of the women who, they had their children later they also married later, and a lot of them are women of faith. I think this increases your faith. I would encourage them to do that, and I like to mention one of my other blogs, married over forty by faith. That offers some positive suggestions as well for the unmarried over thirty-five. So, that’s another blog that you have which women who are over thirty-five and unmarried can go to for encouragement or words that would uplift them? It’s actually an offspring of InSeason Mom because it has stories of people who did marry thirty-five or forty. marryingover40. So, Cynthia when and how did you become a Christian? Okay, I was raised in a Christian environment, a Christian home but it wasn’t until I was 19 and I went to college that I really began studying more into God’s word. Of course, when I was at home I participated in the Christian activity, the youth group and everything, I loved it. But I think when I went to college, I shouldn’t say I think, I know when I went to college I started getting serious and studying more into God’s word. And I connected myself with a Bible-believing church a group of believers, and I studied, and I obeyed the scriptures, and I was baptized. So, at nineteen I would say my commitment to God grew, I became more DOZ Magazine July 2018 25 «