DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 24

was growing in the US and that most health care providers did not offer adequate support or information for moms who were over 35. And that discovery led to founding InSeason Mom. So how has your ministry impacted the lives of women, how has it breached that gap that was there at the time? Well, my website has been recognized by CBS New York as well as MSNBC as the leading resource for first-time moms over thirty- five and over forty. The name of my website, InSeason Mom, for those who are familiar with the scriptures in Ecclesiastes, it says that there is a time and a season for everything. And that’s where the name of the website came from, InSeason Mom. I wanted women to have the support that I didn’t have at that point, in general with a lot of the websites that I read, or that I became acquainted with. And I wanted the women, the first time expectant moms or women who were thinking about conceiving, to have emotional support and to dispel a lot of the misconceptions about giving birth after thirty- five. And after I shared my story of giving birth after forty, I found that there were other women who shared their story, and they found the website encouraging, so that’s one of the reasons the site’s grown nationally and internationally. I know this ministry is from God because again it started out for me just to share my story and then other women shared their stories. And I was very excited because almost nearly every month I get a letter or an email from someone who tells me that the website was encouraging and the last featured mom that I have on InSeason Mom, in fact, she told me during the time before she conceived she was with InSeason Mom on Facebook, and that helped her strengthen her faith, and she now has a baby. So, I’m really excited when I hear that. Yes, it must be exciting, and it must be very fulfilling too. « 24 DOZ Magazine July 2018 It is. It is very fulfilling. So, I see that you wrote, is it a book or a seminar, Ease Your Fear of Giving Birth After Thirty-Five? Yes, that was the seminar that I started out with, I contacted the local hospital in the area to present this to first-time moms, and again the door was open. I had no idea that most people normally didn’t do that, but the hospital staff was very open, and after that I wrote an eBook about trying to conceive in your forties, coaching tips. So, yes it started as a seminar at a local hospital. Where can people get this eBook? From your website? Yes, on my website, there is a link. The book has spiritual, mental, and physical coaching tips because I believe all of that comes together, a whole holistic approach. It comes together I should say. What advice would you give to Christian women who are over thirty-five and unmarried and are worried that their biological clocks are ticking away? Okay, the first thing that I would say is to believe ѡɔ́ݕȁɕѕȁѡ)ɍյх̰ѡɔ́ѡɔ́)Q$ݽձѕѡѼхѕ́Ѽ)ѡͥ䰁х䁅)ɥՅ丁Q$ݽձѕѡѼɕ)ͥѥٔɵѥ͔ѡɗe)ͼՍѥٔɵѥԁe