DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 23

because of my age. I know, and again when I say this, I’m not excluding people who want to take tests to make sure everything is, how can I say? Sometimes there are tests that are given to people who are over a certain age when they are pregnant. There are various tests given not just to make sure the baby’s okay but just to rule out genetic defects. I chose not to have those tests, but again I’m not against those who have those tests because they are trying to prepare for what may come. But I decided regardless of what may come; I was going to be in acceptance of God’s will. And so, I chose not to have those. That impacted my pregnancy because the doctor he asked me twice, and by the second time, he realized that I had decided not to take those tests and he was respectful of my wishes at that point. But I would say that that would be the only thing that the doctor persisted or asked me, again he was covering himself about those genetic testing. When you refused to have those tests, you were basically walking in faith? Yes, and then I want to add this, one of my friends who was also over thirty-five, conceived and her baby had a genetic disorder. And I had consoled her, and I had counseled her, and I had ministered to her, at the same time I was pregnant and expecting my baby. So I told God at this point what He wanted, I knew what I wanted and I prayed towards that but here I was ministering to a friend about having strength and having faith but I was pregnant too. So, I think the enemy also threw that in to shake my faith as well. But I had a friend also, and we were standing in faith and in prayer on my pregnancy at that time. When you were pregnant, you made two discoveries, one, that the population of first-time moms over 35 DOZ Magazine July 2018 23 «