DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 22

So, Cynthia, from reading your biography, I see that you married at the age of forty. At that age, I am certain that many of your friends were already married and were done with childbearing. Was there any time when you felt that God was letting you down? Was there any time when you felt anxious, when you felt, I better grab the next person who asks me to marry him and just run down the aisle before my biological clock ticks away? Were you worried at any point in time? Yes, I was. I was worried throughout the time. Because what my bio does not reveal is that I had two other suitors who asked me to marry previously, but I knew that that relationship was not right, both of them, they weren’t right. But by the time I was forty, I’m thinking maybe I should have. Again, I am listening to the world instead of God’s word, which doesn’t have a limit on when you should get married or the possibility of conceiving a child. So yes, there were times when I was worried, and I was really blessed to have friends who they may have been married at the time, but some of them had young children, and they were encouraging me. They were Christians as well. So even though I was in the situation, of not being married before I was forty, not having any children, but God did provide people around me to encourage me « 22 DOZ Magazine July 2018 during my season of waiting. And that was a blessing. Yes, that really is a blessing. Because like I said, this is something that makes a lot of women get into a marriage that they know God did not intend for them to get into, because they are thinking, God must not know my age. I think I’d better grab someone and go down the aisle and get this thing over with. So, the next thing I want to know is this, when you did get married at forty, were you worried that you wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally? Yes, I was. Again, I contribute that to my listening to the media, listening to well- meaning acquaintances, doctors and medical professionals, who I may not know the things that they’ve read. But when I started doing my own research, after I got married and after I conceived, I realized those things were not true. But yes, I did have those doubts, in fact, I had my husband go to the doctor just making sure that everything was in order because again that’s because I was listening not to God’s word but to other materials and other resources. So, basically what you’re saying is a Christian woman should pay more attention to God’s word and not to what medical science is saying –Y\[H[[^H]H۸&]^YH] B۸&]^YHYYX[Y[BX]\H\Hۛ[\\&BZ[\KH[]\ZB\H\XX[B۸&]^YH] ]H[Y]B]Z][YYX[H[ܚ]\[X ]8&\]H^H]\ۈ[\P]x&]Hܚ][] Y\B[Y]HZ][YYX[H[ܚ]\]H[Y]B]Y][Y\[ [YX[[œ[K]\^H\H[BYYX[ٙ\[ۈ܈]\^H\H[]]\܈Y[^H[^HHوY]^HX\ []\B\Yۈ\[x&\YYX[\ܞH[ۈHXYXX[&\YYX[\ܞKYZ[]8&\[Y[\HYYY\Hܛ\ Y][Y\\BX^HHYX[Y\]YZ[\\Z[[X[[\[]YX[YYX[\ܞK'\HBBBœ›BB˜B™šB’BZ[x&[H\X]\B˜BBHHœH܂HZ[\HYBH]HB^H\BBB^H˜YN]Hو]X^BHق\˜\[˜BY\BB[\š[ 8&\–[BY[\]Y\[[H\HܝK]˜[ܝKY\Y[\YH[\Xۈ[\Yۘ[O\H\H[BYX[Y\X]\Hو[\YO•\H\H[[\