DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 18

Love, Courtship and Marriage Perfect Love Shakera Reid-Stewart T he veil concealed the tears that streamed down Shannon’s face. As she looked down the aisle, she thought about the man that she had come to love. She thought about the irony of them falling in love considering that from the first moment they met, they did nothing but clash. She recalled the last comment he made to her on the day they met. “It would take the patience of a man like me to deal with a woman like you. You’re impossible!” With that statement, he turned on his heels and walked away. She remembered being so angry at the gall of the man. Later that night, she realized that his words secretly left her pondering on the “what if ’s.” Memories of their time together flashed through her mind, and she was perplexed because she felt as if she was now in a trance. There were people waving and smiling, cameras flashing, and the wedding song signaling that the time to march to her future began. As she moved ever so slowly down the aisle, she thought of his handsome, chiseled face. His smile was like none other, and she realized that she lived for it. He made her happy, and she realized at that very moment that living without him was not an option. She loved him with everything that was in her. He made sense in her life. She tried to hasten her steps down the aisle and then thought about the fact that she was about to make vows before God and man and promise forever. Forever! Shannon felt as if her heart would suddenly spring out of her bosom because it was now racing. “Why did I allow this to go this far?” she whispered beneath the veil. Suddenly her steps faltered. She knew what she had to do. She mustered up a nervous smile for Jessie as she approached his side. His smile had been unwavering from the « 18 DOZ Magazine July 2018