DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 11

“Oh my; what sweet water! I must rest now; I must rest.” Her aching body slid into the shallow water as she reclined, soaking for what seemed but a moment and soon she was fast asleep. Startled out of her slumber, she felt her vigor returning, her senses stepping out of the fog. Her first thoughts were of her little ones. “I must get home; I must get home. My babies need me.” With great effort she rolled her tired body from one side to the other in the soothing waters, soaking up every last ounce of moisture for the homeward trek. Her wobbly feet shook and tickled as she stood erect. She shuddered as her memory returned. “The accident; yes, I remember now.” A car had veered in front of her as she was crossing the street. The forceful blow had knocked the wind out of her and nicked one of her feet. If she hadn’t dropped to the ground, she would have been killed. Close to losing consciousness, she had wiggled over into a clump of grass on the side of the street. She lied there for a long time, knowing she had to find water; the blazing sunlight was dehydrating her lithe body. She crawled into the bush and headed for a small pool that she remembered was nearby. That’s where this story began, a wounded mother scrounging food for her little ones on a blistering hot day, using all her survival skills to recoup from a hit-and-run accident. Her mind was clearing now, and after flexing her body and limbs, she took comfort in knowing she would soon be back with her sweet little darlings. With uplifted spirits and a joyful heart, she soared home and lived to see another day. Such was the life of a rock dove in a big city one hot summer day a few years ago. (The thought for this story came from a true experience with an exhausted dove floundering in my ground-level backyard birdbath, one hot summer day a few years ago.) copyright 2010 Jeanne E. Webster DOZ Magazine July 2018 11 «