DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 10

Against All Odds A Jeanne E Webster gainst all odds she shouldn’t have made it this far; it was a miracle she wasn’t dead. Dragging her tiny body along the jagged gravely ground, she sought immediate relief from the danger. Her pain and the oven-like heat combined to make her efforts more unbearable. She couldn’t give up; she was the sole support for her two little ones awaiting her return with growling tummies and parched throats. “Where’s Mom? Why has she been gone so long?” they wondered. “We’re hungry!” They hadn’t eaten since early morning and thought of calling to her but knew it would only make things worse. Mom had taught them early on to stay quiet whenever she was away. Life was hard this summer, and it was becoming « 10 DOZ Magazine July 2018 do or die for many a family. “Maybe we could go for help,” the youngsters brooded together, trying to be brave. “No, Mom ZY]\]\ۛY[H\HXZˈ]8&\[\\˸'B۝Y[HۙH[\^HXYYœ^H][Z] 8'[H[HYHۋ'BZ\YH\HX[XHٙH\Z\˜]KY[HY\ۋ]Y]ZXH[H][[HXZHوٙ\YYHX[ۈH[وH[[Y[˂ܘ][H[Y\^Hݙ\HY\Z[ܘ\[ۙHYH[[H\[H[H][\\[ B[[[Y[H]\\H\ܜ[\[\H[ۙ\\HX\š\[\[[^]\Y H]\[x&YHXHYZ[[Y[XZH]YKۙH[ܙH[H[[[\H\™[[H\KٝHHXY\XYۈ[H\B]\[H][HYK\\Z[[ZY