DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 5

Table of Contents 07 Jesus’ Righteousness in Us 09 You Choose! 10 Where to Go and What to Do: Greece 13 DOZ Leadership Lessons The Pancake Lady 16 Love, Courtship and Marriage Choose Your Battles 18 DOZ That Inspire You Hope LeNoir lost her mother when she was seven months old. As she grew older, a desire to understand why she was still here, led to the discovery of her purpose and a journey to help others uncover theirs. 28 Grace and Beauty Natural Remedies for Hands That Are Often Exposed to Cleaning Products 30 Home Sweet Home Ready or Not…Here Comes Summer! 32 Your Body is a Temple Caring for Yourself After a Miscarriage and Getting Pregnant Again 35 DOZ Chronicles: Kemi DOZ Magazine June 2018 5 «