DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 38

than five years and not even the fact that Gbenro was unavoidably absent could spoil my mood. The pains were excruciating, but I looked past them to what lay ahead and finally, the moment came and I brought forth my twin boys, Daniel and David, as Gbenro later named them. I wept for joy as the tiny little darlings were placed in my arms, and I looked from the face of one to the other. Even at that stage they looked very identical and were a spitting image of their father. My brother called Gbenro immediately to break the news to him, and he was really excited. For the first time in months, he spoke to me like a husband speaks to a wife. “Are you all right? Are the babies okay? Are there really two of them?” I assured him everything was good and our two babies were perfect. Just before he hung up, he said, “God has restored our wasted years.” And I agreed with him. Gbenro was so excited and wanted to see his sons so badly he put everything on hold and took the next available flight out of Nigeria. In four days he arrived in Houston and my brother brought him straight to our flat. He looked tired, like he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for days, but the excitement of seeing his sons did not let him sleep. I kept pleading with him to eat and take a nap but he refused to leave his sons. He looked from one to the other and made comments about how they had his nose, his father’s fingers, his mother’s toes, his brother’s eyes, and so on. As he carried on, one of them scowled like he was going to start crying, and immediately he wanted to know what the matter was. At this point my mother insisted that he go and eat and get some sleep so he would be strong enough to spend time with the boys. He reluctantly agreed and went to the dining table where I already set his breakfast. As he ate, he asked, “Why aren’t you eating?” “I already ate.” “No, no, I insist. You must eat with me.” So I ate with him. Afterwards, he brought his suitcases into my bedroom and began to unpack. The atmosphere was a bit tense because for the first time in months we were going to sleep in the same room. When he was done unpacking, he went into the bathroom to take a bath while I climbed into « 38 DOZ Magazine June 2018 bed and was fast asleep even before my head hit the pillow. I don’t think I slept for half an hour when I felt his hand stroking my face. I opened my eyes and there he was on his knees next to ^HYHوHY BۙY[ۙ\[ۈ[\Y]\]B\Z[YYH]H[ [YܙHH[^H[][H\Y[B\\[Y\[^H^Y\8'[ZK\]›]H܈YHYHXYO'B HH]Y^HX\\Hܙ›Y\[] H^YY܈\^HYH[[[H\H]\ˈH[YHHX\[\^Y\[HXXY][]^H\\\[[B[[[HK'^H\[]8&\]HYHXšYKH\[HݙH[H[YY[K'HB۸&]ۛY]\]HZY ]ؙ[Y[؈[^H\\ZHHXK[YHY&][ x&[H\HH]\]HZY 8'x&[HܜK8'HBZ[[ۈ[Y\˂Hۙ]H\ܜK[Hܙ]H[HHB\و^HX\[[HˈH[XZ[Y]\[[Y\XH[[H\\H^YZ› [H[]\YYHY\XHBZ][[XXHو[Z[KY[[][H\\[YYH\[\قZ\XKؙ[\X[HY]YKܘ[[›^H]\H\\KH][YۛH[HZY˜[XYZHx&YY[\YYX]HY[\^\[YHYۙH[][[H]YHق^Z[[\[X[^HX\XYK[K8&\Z][\ۛ[Z]ˈۛBYH]HYHX^H\ؘ[[X\XYB]H]HYHXY\[H\Y܈ۙK[H\YH[HX[[\[[Y[[HXYHH\و^BX\XYK[KH\HH]\Z][ [ZH[˂UH[