DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 35

DOZ Chronicles : KEMI An excerpt from the novel, DOZ Chronicles: Kemi, by Eturuvie Erebor. Available on Amazon. Eturuvie Erebor …..Continued from the previous issue I opened my mouth and stared at him in disbelief, even as my shaking hands reached out to collect the test results from him. My eyes, however, did not leave his face. “Are you sure?” I asked. “I am.” “Please do not joke with me.” He laughed. “I’m not joking. You are pregnant and in your twelfth week.” I asked him over and over if he was sure, and he said that the urine and blood test results I held in my hands both confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. At that point, I looked at the papers in my hands, looked back at the doctor, and my eyes filled with tears. “Lord, you are faithful, you are faithful,” I said over and over again. I thanked the doctor and hurriedly left the clinic. I drove straight to Gbenro’s office in Victoria Island. I wanted him to be the first to hear the good news. He was in a meeting with his manager, Mr. Ta "vV&&vVBFFPff6R"F"&6RFw&VW@RBW7W6VB6Vbv&V&FRFW"B66vVB@FVFVBFrvBvFVBvFWB6rv&B'&Vv@WBFRFW7B&W7VG2g&ג&pBFVBBfW"F0f6RWfW"VgB֖RB266vFVWVVB2RFFRW'0g&גBDvRVR#3R *