DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 31

are inevitable such as spills, skinned knees, and dirty feet! Prepare for those situations by getting things organized. Look at the area where your kids gather to get ready to go outside to play. Do you have items handy for their needs? On your porch or patio, for instance, do you have a stocked first aid kit? If you have a cabinet on the porch or just outside the back door- - that is used to hold bird feeders in the winter or garden the time of day that they are outside. Make sure you have plenty of 70 plus sunburn lotion. If it is visible and “on hand,” they, or you, won’t forget to put it on before trekking outside. Scraped knees and elbows need immediate attention so tuck a box of child-size bandages inside the basket. Don’t forget to add wipes that possibly have Aloe and not alcohol, to clean the wound before you apply the bandage. A refrigerator on the porch is a wonderful idea, especially one with a small freezer. You can chill a cold pack, store popsicles, cold water and lemonade in there for quick thirst relief. Wet, cold washcloths, stored inside of the refrigerator are also refreshing as they come in from play. Remember dehydration can occur quickly outside, playing in the sun so encourage your children to drink…drink… and drink some more! gloves-- you will find that it can double in its use to hold a first aid kit! You will need that kit in an emergency at least once during the summer months and possibly more. A basket on a tall shelf can hold many of the items you might need in a hurry. Accidents happen to children regularly when they are running around, playing and exploring. Being prepared can ward off anxiety and many tears. For example, sunburn can be a huge health issue when days are hot, and the sun outside is bearing down on tender skin. A child can be sunburned in a matter of a few minutes, depending on Use petroleum jelly as a great healing ointment if it’s a bad scrape. Remember summer comes with insects of all kinds and some will bite or sting! Bees and wasps this time of year can cause terrible pain for little ones. Make sure you have ointment on hand to handle these stings, as well as a cold pack for pain relief. If your grandchild is like mine and is allergic to many things, have an antihistamine ready, such as children’s Benadryl. Also, have a number on hand for the nearest Urgent Care facility. Hopefully, you