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she passed away. So, I’m asking, why am I still here? There are real life and relatable stories that I share with the reader, whoever he or she may be, to help them navigate, find out how to find their own purpose. I wrote the book because I noticed many of my clients were unhappy with their careers. Like I said, even when they’re making six figures and hearing people tell them, oh you’re great at that, they’re still unhappy. But what we often discover is that you’re not living in your purpose. So, if you’re not operating in your purpose, even at work, it’s hard for you to go home fulfilled. Or if you’re at home working, you don’t go through your day feeling like you’ve accomplished something or achieved something, no matter what people tell you, or how much you make. So, I wrote this book as a way to say, look, I’ve been there and here are some easy steps that you can take to say, I know why I’m here now and I know I want to live in this way, and this is going to help me feel better about what I do every day. So that’s the reason I wrote the book. That’s powerful. So where can people get this book to buy? probably familiar with, burning to ashes but then they are recreated or reinvented, and they rise and fly. So, no matter what we’re going through, we have the ability to rise above that and fly to what it is that we want to be and beyond anything that we can be. So, that is where the name came from, so I give many kudos to my sister for helping with that. She is an awesome woman. Yes, any woman who can come up with a name like that is an awesome woman. (She laughs) This is true. This is true. Hope, thank you so very much for talking with us today, do you have any final words that you would like to say to our readers before I let you go? First, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with your audience. You have an amazing platform to help the readers grow in so many ways. I look forward to meeting them in person someday soon. Before I go, I want to remind each of the readers that they have a beautiful purpose, in their lives and their careers. My book can be found on in print or electronically, and you can also purchase my book on Barnes and Nobles, electronically. How can people contact you if they require your coaching services? Potential clients that want to set up an appointment with me as a coach or as an inspirational speaker they should contact me at They can get additional information or contact me from my website at, or if they just want an inspirational quote for the day or a tip, they can go to my Facebook page at https://www.facebook. com/RiseandFly/ So, tell me, the name Rise and Fly, how did you pick that name, what inspired you? Actually, this was an idea from my sister. We were talking, and I was telling her about how I wanted to build a business, and she said to me, you know what? I see you as a person who helps others rise and fly from the ashes. And she talked about the story of the Phoenix, which many of us are Photo Credit: All photos supplied by Hope LeNoir DOZ Magazine June 2018 27 «