DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 25

the challenge is trying to learn everything about helps you discover who you really are. This is my expertise, because it goes back to I love what I where you would find more fulfillment, more do, and I understand what I’m here for. So, I love wholeness, it’s also going to help direct you in so doing the things that may be seen as challenges to many ways, it’s going to help direct to the right others. It’s more of excitement to me. It’s a stretch, people, to the right places to the right actions or but it brings excitement to what I’m doing, and steps to take. So, discover what your real purpose again that’s the good thing about knowing your is. The second thing, and this is a reminder, build purpose, operating in your purpose and getting to a relationship with your God and I want the point where you actually fall in love with what to make it clear that it is that you do. I do want to add though that at building a first, the hard thing was saying no relationship is to some people. You not checking o I s , d l o asked earlier things off a nths ven mo still here? By e s s a what’s the list, check en I w , why am I son h a e w r y e a h t restriction, the list ed aw was t re ou er pass rney to figu ncer, which ere? There h t o m and there are because I jou My ill h h ca out my iagnosed wit , why am I st h the reader, b a d e no restrictions, went to t talk e was d o, I’m asking at I share wi find out how h s , y a anybody can church te, ay. S es th the w naviga sed aw elatable stori s m a e p h t e come to me but today, p sh e and r ay be, to hel purpose. f i l l a e once I’ve coached and I wn e m are r their o e or sh h d r n e fi v e o t you, and I feel like check this off who you’re not really the list because I prayed this in it, or you’re not morning because that’s what I’m supposed receiving what it is that to do. It’s not a checklist, it’s a real relationship, you should receive, I will say, look you having those authentic conversations with your know what? I don’t think now is a good time for higher power. And this is something that will us to continue our coaching tell me when you’re help you get out of your own way, get rid of ready but no, not now. So, I had to accept that your fears and not to come to the hesitation that I can’t keep pushing people who aren’t ready shouldn’t be there in the first place. And having or don’t follow through with what they’ve been that relationship is another thing that will help given. I have to say, No. But that’s not a challenge move you into greatness that you right now because I’ve accepted that my gift is not about cannot imagine what that greatness looks like. pushing people to the point where I’m doing The third thing I would say, is have and appreciate more than they’re doing. It’s about giving them a strong circle of friends and all these I know the tools that they need and allowing them to run sound like reminders, but these are important with those tools. things to do and I’m not necessarily talking about the girlfriend that you talk to everyday about What three strategies would you give to what have you. That girlfriend is important but Christian women who would like to Rise know that all the girlfriends that you have in and Fly in 2018? your circle doesn’t have to be someone that you Okay. That’s exciting. And I’m sure you know talk to everyday. These are women that are there that there’s a difference between the different without judgement that are going to help you in Christian women and what they’re experiencing, some way in your life. And it’s interesting because but I’ll give three high level strategies, or for I had this conversation with a group of women in some, reminders, of how to move into 2018 and October and I talked to them about the different rise and fly. One is, discover your real spiritual women they should certainly have as part of their and professional purpose. What is it that you’re circle, and I said these are the people that we need actually here for? Know exactly what that is that “ DOZ Magazine June 2018 25 «