DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 23

where everyone’s saying, you’re great at that but to them, they’re thinking, I just don’t feel like I’m doing the right thing or that something’s missing or that I want to do something different. It’s finding what your purpose is. When you find that and grow that and really understand it, you fall in love with it, and it’s something that you want to wake up to, it’s something that you want to go to sleep to, it’s something that you want to continue to grow. So, if you’re making 40,000 or you’re making 300,000 or a million, to you it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t determine how fulfilled you are, it’s that I know my purpose, and I’m operating in my purpose, and that’s where my fulfillment comes from. So, I’m glad that you noticed that. That’s interesting, and that’s what I hope for everyone. If everyone operated in their purpose, we would live in a much happier space, and we would have a lot of wealth, whether that’s monetary wealth, or mental wealth, coming our way because everyone’s doing what they’re purposed to do. Looking at your career journey, I can see that you are a woman with varied skills and talents because of the different roles you’ve had in the past. So, how has that helped you in your current business? You know, that’s something that I bring different to the table. So, there are a lot of fantastic coaches out there, whether they’re life coaches or career coaches, all kinds of coaches, but for me as a career coach having those experiences in the different roles means that I have even more to bring to the table. So, it’s not just an idea; it’s an experience that I can share with my clients. I’ve been in the trenches just like my clients have been in the trenches. I’ve interviewed for different roles just like my clients have interviewed for different roles. I’ve been through the layoff, I’ve been through the career expansion. I’ve had so many great experiences in various careers, so I know that there’s a difference, for example, between being a producer and being a director of project management because I’ve been there, or teaching class at a state college because I’ve done that. I know the difference, mentally, emotionally, because I’ve been there and I know the hardships and the tears and the challenges “ I had to accept that I can’t keep pushing people who aren’t ready or don’t follow through with what they’ve been given. I have to say, No. But that’s not a challenge because I’ve accepted that my gift is not about pushing people to the point where I’m doing more than they’re doing. It’s about giving them the tools that they need and allowing them to run with those tools. as well because I’ve experienced those. I’ve experienced the greatness and celebrations so I can give high-level tactics to my client but I can also say, you know what, I’ve been there before, and these are the challenges, and this is how I can relate to what you’re going through. Even now, I have to say that I still send out resumes myself to different positions because I still want to have that feeling. I even go through the interview sometimes, because I want to know, what is it like when I talk to my clients. So that’s what makes me different. And when you ask how that has helped my business, well that’s how it has helped my busine