DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 22

nothing but talk. I like to engage my audience, to have fun with my audience, connect with them, so I’m giving the information they need the way that they need me to give it to them. So, just be open and get ready for a new experience, not the traditional speeches, is what I would offer. What is the most rewarding project you have worked on and why was it rewarding? You know what? That’s difficult, to say what’s the most rewarding. Because I talked earlier about the man, who said, hey I talked to my wife, I followed through, I got the promotion. Or the woman who said, you know I realized that it has nothing to do with my age and I have three job offers “ ian, t Christ c e f r e p with am a ionship y that I t a a s l e ’t r n y d th l I wou What m I need that fai . e r a s u s an And none of is faith. sinesswoman, a e m s e v i . u God g es as a b ugh a challenge m i t d r a o during h neur, going thr e r p entre but there is a catch though, my clients have to remember that they have the power. So, they have to be open to our conversation. It’s a dialogue; it’s not a teaching class where I give you a checklist, and you follow through with all these things. We’re talking, and we’re figuring things out, and coming up with a plan. And when my client walks out the door, it’s important that they say, okay I’m going to follow through with what we talked about. That’s the important part. So, while anyone could hire me to be their coach, it’s up to them to really follow through because they have what it takes, they have the power actually to see their dreams or aspirations come to life. Now as far as being an inspirational speaker, I don’t have a restriction for that, but I do ask that the audience come with an open mind because I’m not a traditional speaker that’ll talk for twenty minutes, thirty minutes, an hour and just do « 22 DOZ Magazine June 2018 now. The thing is, I may say, oh this is good, this is fantastic, this is the most rewarding for me. Then a couple of hours later somebody may give me a call, or I may see somebody in the grocery store that’s telling me their success story and I’m also thinking, this is great too. So just hearing their successes for me is rewarding. To know that I’m following the gift that I’m given and using that to help other people and knowing that it’s helping others reach their goals. To me, that’s always rewarding. So, every moment, every day is rewarding. I can’t say, unfortunately, or fortunately that I have an answer to say this was the moment that was most rewarding for me. You sound like you’re very fulfilled. I am. I am. And I’m glad that you said that because that’s one of the things that I teach my clients or my audience. Especially those who may be making six figures or they’re in a position