DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 21

greatest result is career fulfillment. So, when I can see that, like the man that came to me and said, look, Hope I’ve followed the steps that you gave me including talking to my wife and building a relationship with those financial consultants you told me about, I’ve already gotten the promotion that I’m looking for. Or the woman who said, thank you for confirming that getting fired has nothing to do with my age. She was able to overcome that fear, and she said, because of you, I have three job offers now. So, hearing those things, to me, are great results, when I’m able to coach, and my clients follow through what we talked about. the risk and saying, hey I would love to meet with you, can I have 15 minutes with you? Or writing that letter, sending that email, just taking that risk and getting out there. They can help plan for what those next steps will look like. Amazing. So, you’re a woman who’s been able to take your dream and build it into a business. So many people have dreams, but they stay in their day jobs because they don’t know how to build their dreams into a business. So what advice would you give to anyone who’s in that place where they hate their day job, but they go to it anyway, because the job they want they don’t know how to turn into a profitable business? I would first recognize that it’s not easy, but it’s a risk worth taking. The first advice or step I would say is, really figure out why you hate that job. What is it? Dig deep and figure out, what is it about it that you hate? And I say that because sometimes people say, I hate my job, and when we start talking, it’s the discomfort with a colleague that they really hate it’s not really the job. And so they think, oh I’ll just move on to something that’ll make me happier, but if that same type of person is over there in the job that they think that they want, they’re going to hate that too. So, it’s really discovering, what is it that you really hate? But if you know that it’s the actual role that you’re playing in your current job that you hate, it’s about connecting with people in a position that you want to be in. That’s where you’re going to find your support, that’s where you’re going to find your network, that’s where you’re going to find people that are going to speak on your behalf at the table when you’re not there. Building relationships with people that are already there. And sometimes it does mean taking that risk and stepping out, even if you’re an introvert, taking So, are there any requirements for people who wish to purchase your coaching services? In other words, do you coach anybody? I do. Anyone can buy my coaching services, and when I say coaching services, they can purchase the time to spend with me for an hour and a half or more. They can come to a group setting or hire me to come to their group for career coaching if that’s what they prefer. Anyone can talk to me, DOZ Magazine June 2018 21 «