DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 20

You’re the founder and owner of Rise and Fly LLC, a business that helps professionals advance personally and professionally in their careers. So, could you tell us how you started this business and what inspired you to start it? Absolutely. So, you’ve got it absolutely right, I help professionals who want to become better in their careers or advance in their careers, and I officially started the business, Rise and Fly in 2011, so about six years ago, that was when I started. And what I realize is that I was helping people in their careers already, giving guidance, advice, giving them resources, but it wasn’t until 2011 when I said, you know what? I love doing this; I enjoy it, I want to build on it, I want to make it a business, I want it to be something more that I do every day and give back to people. So, it was then that I said, you know what? Let’s do it, let’s help people rise and fly in 2011. You’re an inspirational speaker, is this also part of what you do? This is also a part of what I do. So, one of the services that I offer is one-on-one professional coaching, career coaching. But sometimes I’m asked to come to groups and inspire or career coach / teach in a group setting. So, I do both under the Rise and Fly umbrella. So, who are some of the people that you work with and what results have you helped your clients achieve so far? I work with people who want to expand their lives in ways that impact others as well as bring more fulfillment to themselves as far as their career is concerned. So for example, the people I work with, whether it’s a man or a woman, a person who’s young in their career and seeking something, or people who are more mature in their career, seeking better performance rating, a promotion, or just greater fulfilment in their job, those are my clients. And often times people who may have a job, but they’re looking for something else or don’t feel like they’re fulfilled or in the right place. I say though that the « 20 DOZ Magazine June 2018