DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 19

H ope LeNoir lost her mother when she was only seven months old. As she grew up, she couldn’t fully comprehend the reason for the tragedy and frequently asked, “why am I still here?” That question would lead to the discovery of her purpose and give her life meaning as she set out on a journey to help other people discover their spiritual and professional purpose. She is the founder and owner of Rise and Fly, LLC, a business that helps professionals advance personally and professionally in their careers. As a forward thinking Professional Strategist and Coach, she has assisted hundreds with getting greater professional results and providing greater services to others. She has embraced several career journeys including being an assistant professor, a leader in the financial industry, a professional in corporate citizens &fW766G&V( 2FVWf6VG&W&VWW"&W6V&6W"w&FW"BV6&RFW6R&W2fRWVVBW"F&R&WGFW"66B&fFR&WGFW"6W'f6RFW 6ƖVG26R267&F7VW"f"VFV6RbFW6G27VrB66p&fW7622vB6RfW27BP7FFW2( גV'BVG2vVVFVFgFR6VvR6VRג6ƖVG2vWBw&VB&W7VG0BvF6FVFWfV&WBvBFWWfW vVB( 6R2FRWF"bFR&FFVB( 'W6V'&6rW"W'6RBbFP76v6F&W'2B'&w2vFB( Ф2R&VBF2FW'fWr&R7&VBFf@W"6RƖfRBV'&6RBDvRVR# *