DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 17

but tension and friction. Under his watchful eye, I have had to unpack and repack almost every box I filled. Humiliating? Yes. Frustrating? Definitely. Am I burning with anger inside? Most argumentative, for there may be something I could learn about packing that I actually do not know as yet. (Though I was fairly certain I knew everything!) Packing exactly is not really of another without ridicule or remonstration. Perhaps you are feeling in a tight place just now – churning inside with anger, resistance or rebellion. How important is it certainly. Is it worth ranting and raving? Probably not. Is it a battle worth fighting? In the big picture – no. And so I am praying. ‘Lord, help me to hold my tongue and cease seething on the inside. May I remain silent, but not sulky. Teach me to let this issue slide, for there are more important battles you will ask me to fight, and this is not one of them.’ And then He shows me what is true: I can be sweetly reasonable, I can smile and agree without being important to me, but it is to my husband, so I can choose to honour this. Giving deference to another is painfully confronting at times. Everything inside us screams out, ‘Stand firm, don’t back down. I am right, and you are not.’ But another voice, the voice of God’s Spirit, the voice of sweet reasonableness, reminds us to give preference to the other. The Spirit gently says that we can choose to lay down our pride and humbly accept the advice really to shout about and insist on having your way? Slow down for a time, step aside from the place of confrontation and conflict and listen long enough to hear what the Spirit says is true for you. May the Spirit who promotes peace and mutual encouragement, rule our hearts and our marriages so that battlegrounds become places where respect, honour, and togetherness flourish. DOZ Magazine June 2018 17 «