DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 16

Love, Courtship and Marriage Choose Your Battles Jennifer Woodley The Spirit gently says that we can choose to lay down our pride and humbly accept the advice of another without ridicule or remonstration. « 16 DOZ Magazine June 2018 My significant other and I are on the move. We are packing up our home after a decade of stability and downsizing to an 18ft caravan to become nomads. The lure to seek adventure has caught us by surprise, and so it is time to step over the threshold into the land of both uncertainty and promise. In the meantime, there is a lot of sorting, tossing and packing to be done together. However, it is hardly being done in a spirit of togetherness. How is it that certain events – like packing boxes – can bring out the worst in us? I don’t need a degree to pack our stuff. To me, it’s really not that difficult. Tape up the cardboard flat pack, gather the items, fill the box, secure it down and label it. Easy. But apparently, I’m doing it all wrong. I do need a degree after all! My husband is particular and pedantic. He gives excessive attention to detail. I do not. Consequently, a simple act like packing has caused nothing