DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 14

Leadership Lessons from the Life of The Pancake Lady Great women understand that to succeed you must persist. Even when she burned the pancakes, The Pancake Lady continued to show up and sell to her customers. As we pursue our dreams, things will not always go as we planned but it is our commitment to showing up and doing the things that count that determine if we succeed or fail. Great women understand that to grow, you must diversify. As her business grew The Pancake Lady added more items to her menu and gained new customers. She started with pancakes but didn’t « 14 DOZ Magazine June 2018 end with pancakes. Great women are givers. The Pancake Lady had initially been needy, but as her business grew her generosity also grew. She began to help others. Giving is the way up. Great women are listeners. They listen when those in authority over them speak to them. The Pancake Lady listened to her pastor and followed his guidance and thus changed her life dramatically. Great women may initially be paralysed with fear, but they are willing to try. Being afraid is okay. What is not okay is to let fear stop you from taking actions that would move you forward. As motivational speakers say, feel the fear but do it anyway. Great women do not require supervision. The Pancake Lady went out and did what she was told to do without her pastor having to check on her constantly. If you require supervision, you are not a leader. Great women are those who can rebuild their lives after a major setback. In life, we sometimes have setbacks or demotions but rather than allow our setback to become our permanent abode we ought to use it as a launching pad to our comeback. Everyone has comeback power, but great women are those who harness it to their advantage. They rebuild their lives after a major setback. Great women know that personal responsibility is the gateway to greatness. No one becomes a leader, and no one becomes great by leaving their advancement, desires, and dreams up to others. They know that if it is to be it is up to them and they take responsibility for their future. Great women sometimes require a push. The Pancake Lady needed her pastor to push her, and many of us require a similar push to get going in the right direction. Let this story be the push that you need. Great women never know what they are capable of until they try. The Pancake Lady initially shrunk back in fear, she said she had no gift to trade. But then the same woman sparked an economic revival that affected her entire nation. How awesome is that? Finally, what is your unique gift? What sets you apart from others? What is it that you alone can do? double it through their gift. Then he approached this woman who the author of the book refers to as The Pancake Lady, and she shrunk back. She didn’t want his money. Why? Well, for starters, she was certain she had no gift. She was a woman who had been abandoned with three children. She was at a point where her self- confidence had been eroded. She had become nega ]KH\[\ˈHXYHHق^\\ˈHۙ][HX\ۜHH[Z[][YܙHH\Y ]ܝ[][KHYH\܈[]H\[۝[YY\H\ZHB[ۙ^H[][\H]]\Y [[KBYZ]YHۙ]XZH[Z\][YY \]\[ۙK\\܈\Y\ZHH[ۙ^HXZHYB[Z\[[[HY\\Y[YHX]XZ٘\YܙH][]\[YB]Z\܈H^x&\\[\ˈHؙ^YY[\[X^Y]Hٚ]HXYHۈH\^K][\Y[Y[H\܈HKB[\Y][ۙ^H[Hٚ][۝[YYYK]\[]X[HHYHX]\HYB^\H[\H[Z\]H^YY]] \\\[H][X[HZYٙ[Bۈ[][ۙYHZ[ۙHوHYYY\[H[\\ۙHوH[[\\˂H\Y[XۛZX]][[\[YBX[\XY\][ۋ\\B[\YH\]\Z[][ۈXYY [^BY[X[\[\\[\YHZ\ۈ[ˈ\H\[ [\Y܈H]\܈H[\H][ۋ