DOZ Issue 32 June 2018 - Page 13

DOZ Leadership Lessons The Pancake Lady Eturuvie Erebor I recently read about a woman simply known as The Pancake Lady, in a book titled Power to Create. The author used her story in the first chapter of the book basically to inspire his readers. I will tell her story briefly, and I am sure you will agree that it is inspirational. After this, I will look at the leadership lessons that I have gleaned from studying her story. She was a Christian woman who lived in a small Costa Rica village. She was famous for starting an economic revolution in her village which swept across her entire nation and caught the attention of the president! The pancake lady was a member of Pastor Soto’s church and one Sunday morning he was preaching about re-creating solutions in spite of the devastating economic times they were experiencing as a nation. The nation of Costa Rica at that time was experiencing a recession, and a lot of young people had left due to job shortages. Things were bad for them individually and collectively. Pastor Soto believed that things could be better, so he challenged his members to find their unique God-given gifts and then make creative use of the same. He didn’t stop there, he walked into the congregation and began to hand out a few dollars to people asking them to take the money and DOZ Magazine June 2018 13 «