DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 38

locked it. Then to my horror, he began to throw my clothes. I planned to go out to the clothing store things out through the bedroom window, yelling later in the day, but when I woke up, my body at the top of his voice, “Take your witchcraft out of ached all over, especially my lower abdomen, and my house and out of my life!” I decided to remain in bed. The next day it was At this point, the three young men, the driver, cook, worse and I went home, took some painkillers and cleaner came out of the boys’ quarters were and went to bed, hoping that I would feel better they lived and tried to plead with Gbenro to stop when I woke up. However, instead of feeling throwing out my things, but to no avail. Gbenro better, I felt worse. The pain in ordered them to get back to their rooms if they my lower abdomen continued, still wanted to keep their jobs. They and I decided to go and see looked at me helplessly and the doctor. y left. ay m I I didn’t go to our doctor w a n Oh, the embarrassment. because I didn’t want ick,” take s s e a b h o t t s i Oh, the shame. I sat on the anyone asking how “Chr s, I refuse y breath. e doorstep of the kitchen and Gbenro was doing. I knew rmiti d under m fi n i began to cry. After a while, if anyone who knew us re decla Gbenro closed the windows and together were to ask drew the curtains, and I moved after him at this point, I to the heap of clothes, put them would cry and have to say that he together, and carried them to the moved out of our home. I didn’t want to say boys’ quarters where the young that, so I deliberately avoided people who would men received them from me and kept them in their ask. In fact, since he moved out of the house, I had room until I could retrieve them. They offered to not spoken to my parents or siblings on the phone vacate one of the rooms for me, but I told them not for the same reason. So I went to a doctor I did not to bother and returned to sit on the steps of the know, a doctor who did not know Gbenro and me. back door. He was a sweet old man who reminded me a lot I spent the night on those steps, and I didn’t know of my dad. He asked a lot of questions, so I had to what to expect from Gbenro when morning came, tell him that I was childless. He examined me, then but I prayed all night and believed God that things took my blood and urine samples, and when the would be different in the morning. I could have results were back from the lab, I was called into his asked the cook or cleaner to let me in with their office a second time. keys, but I didn’t want to cause any trouble for By this my time heart was beating fast, and I them. I would wait for Gbenro to let me in himself, wondered what he found. Was I down with some or I would not go in. chronic illness that would take my life or keep me Very early the next morning he came downstairs, incapacitated the rest of my life? I rejected the already dressed, and opened the back do