DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 37

then gave me a dirty look and walked away. As morning, except he’d taken off the ng jacket, and the white shirt now i k a he answered the phone, he spoke in a ’t m wasn to me had some bloodstains on it. I e low tone, and I immediately h t ed fel if he ss, he turn knew it was Ronke calling. frowned and reached out to s a , n ” . e e t r u g Th o o r t ed touch the stain only to have Thankfully, over the next ugh p said, “Ge d, he shov e o n e three days, he didn’t bring him slap my hand off. h n and respo m, down t e “What is that blood?” I d l up the issue of me moving, u e I co e bedroo door. Onc and I tried to avoid him as Befor asked him. of th the back door t e u h o t much as possible. I knew he “It is the blood of my ed me out m d m n a l a s , was traveling with Ronke to the unborn child that you stairs utside, he ocked it. l UK at the end of the week, and killed!” o nd I was shut a I thought if I could avoid him for My frown deepened but before I the next three days, he would not could say anything, he began to yell, “Ronke throw me out before he traveled, just had a miscarriage, so now you can celebrate! and since he planned to be gone one week, it But it will not be in my house!” would give me more t ime in my home. On that note, he moved to the wardrobe and began However, on the third day, when Gbenro and Ronke to throw out my clothes and other items. were scheduled to travel, Ronke had a miscarriage. As he threw my things out he said, “You are a witch Instead of going to the airport, they drove to the determined to destroy my life. You ate the children hospital. At first, I had no idea what was going God desired to give me through you and now on, I was just thrilled that Gbenro packed his bag you have eaten the child God desired to give me earlier that day in preparation for his trip and left through my new wife. I regret ever marrying you. I the house without throwing me out. And I was want you to leave!” really looking forward to one week of peace in my I remained rooted to the spot, not knowing what home, even as I believed in God that since Gbenro to do. Was Gbenro really throwing my things out? had been unable to throw out my things so far, he Where would I go at this late hour? Should I call would be unable to throw them out forever. I went my parents? Should I call Gbenro’s father? No, I to bed early that night and said a word of prayer for thought, that would not be an act of faith. I had Gbenro, asking God to grant him a safe trip to the made up my mind that I would not say with my UK and back. What I did not know at the time was mouth that there was trouble in my marriage. So that Gbenro was in the hospital with Ronke and I began to pray in my heart that God would take not at the airport. control of the situation. I had not slept two hours when I was awakened It was a moment of mixed feelings for me. A part by a loud banging on my bedroom door. I jumped of me was filled with joy at the news of Ronke’s out of sleep and bed at the same time, flicking on miscarriage. Truly, God is faithful, I thought. the light switch as I did. It was Gbenro yelling my Hadn’t He said through the mouth of His servant name from the other side, and my heart beat faster that whatever He had not planted in my marriage as I threw on my dressing gown and approached would be rooted up? Well Ronke’s pregnancy had the door. He sounded very angry and kept ordering been rooted up because it was not God’s planting me to open the door. As I opened the door, I said in my marriage. But I could hardly sing and dance a silent prayer and asked God to take control since for joy could I, when Gbenro was accusing me of I did not know what to expect. Why was he home? killing his child and flinging my clothes out of the Why wasn’t he at the airport? Why was he so angry? wardrobe and in every direction? What was going on? Then, as if he felt he wasn’t making enough progress, Gbenro stepped inside, and with one look at him, I he turned to me and said, “Get out.” took a step backward. Before I could respond, he shoved me out of the He looked very angry, like a man ready to kill. He bedroom, down the stairs, and out the back door. was still dressed in the dark grey suit he wore that Once I was outside, he slammed the door shut and DOZ Magazine May 2018 37 «