DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 36

control and do whatever He needed to ensure I was friends. I believed that if I told people what was going on, I would be prophesying negatively into not forced out of my home for a new woman like my marital destiny. So I said nothing to anybody Ronke. Hour after hour, I reminded Him of the role I played and continued to pray and believe in God to in bringing my husband to the position of wealth perfect the work He had begun to do. he now occupied. I told God not to allow another woman to come in and reap what I had sown, since it was contrary to His will for His children. Did He not say in His word that we would build houses For four weeks I was safe. Then came the week Ronke was scheduled to leave the country, and she and inhabit them? Well, I had built this house and was unable to move in because I was yet to move I would inhabit it. Two days later, Gbenro returned, and he was not out, and Gbenro began to make a fuss. “I gave you enough time and still you do nothing! pleased to see me at all. I should throw your things out of the house! “Why are you still here?” he demanded. If you don’t move quietly on your “I don’t want to move back to my parents’ own, you will be forced out. I house. I want to rent a place of my own, and don’t want you anymore, I have I need more time.” xed a l e r I made that crystal clear, and I Surprisingly, he didn’t oint, oved by p t a don’t know what else I have h argue with me. “Fine. You om t d to be m aviour r F e to do before you realize our have one more month to refus gative beh , he d n a y e marriage is over. My lawyer look for a place and move ro’s n . Every da oking n e b is already in court doing o out. Ronke is due to travel G d me if I was l as, r a w everything in his power to out of the country to give to know I said I w g o t d make sure our marriage is e d birth then, and I want her to want place, an asn’t doin legally terminated.” move in before that, so when for a course I w e sort. I remained silent as he h f she returns with her baby she but o thing of t spoke, declaring the word can come straight home to this y an of God under my breath, which house.” did not go unnoticed. “Thank you for giving me more He pointed at me. “Every evil pronouncement you time, Gbenro.” make against me will return upon your own head.” Then he left to go the spare room. I was shocked, and I opened my mouth to explain That night I danced and rejoiced because I could that I was not making any evil pronouncement see the hand of God at work in my marriage. If not against him but rather was speaking the Word. He for God, I would be out of my home by now, but on cut me off and said, “I don’t care what you say as the day Gbenro would have thrown me out, God long as you leave so my new wife can move into caused an emergency in his Port Harcourt office her home before she travels to have her baby.” that took him out of town. And now that Gbenro At this point, I was forced to ask him, “Why is had returned, my time had been extended for one she traveling so early, after all the pregnancy is month, I felt sure that God would intervene before only about twenty-three weeks? What about her the time was up. school? Is it wise for her to be away from school From that point, I relaxed and refused to be moved for months?” by Gbenro’s negative behaviour toward me. Every Gbenro laughed. “How is that any problem of day, he wanted to know if I was looking for a yours?” place, and I said I was, but of course I wasn’t doing I apologised for poking my nose in and relapsed anything of the sort. I continued to believe in into silence. God for a divine intervention, and I didn’t discuss He was about to say something else but was cut the matter with anyone, not my parents, not my off by his phone ringing. He looked at the phone, siblings, not the brethren in church, and not my « 36 DOZ Magazine May 2018