DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 35

DOZ Chronicles : KEMI An excerpt from the novel, DOZ Chronicles: Kemi, by Eturuvie Erebor. Available on Amazon. Eturuvie Erebor …..Continued from the previous issue I fell to my knees and began to pray from the depth of my heart. I reminded God of my service in His kingdom, faithfully cleaning the sanctuary on Sundays and on weekdays. I reminded Him of the souls I had brought into His kingdom, and said I saw no reason why my request for a child should be delayed any longer. When I was done praying, I began to wonder how I would get pregnant when Gbenro was no longer sleeping with me and had even asked me to leave his house. I struggled as I rose to my feet. God was &PFFFrFR疆rB26W'fBBFV7&VVBFPFf&6RvVBB6RF72F( BS6BF&VƖWfR@Bf"FR6f&F`F6Rv&G22&W7VBFBB6גFw0vV6VBfRBvVFP7BFbFRF6R7FV@bR6rג&w2FVfR@v2v&V&6r2&w2FvFFR''BF6F6fƖvBF'B&6W'BFW"V&VBF@6R&&V2B7&VBW@2'B&6W'Bff6RBFPvW"6VF( BFRB6FP&r&726VbBF&R6VBFVV6FRf&RFRVW&vV7v2vB&V6W6RBvfRR&PFRFVvFF( Brpv&V&vVB&V7BbR&WGW&V@g&F2G&Bv27F&VB'WBG'W7FVBvBFFPDvR#3R *