DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 30

Home Sweet Home e s u o H d l O s i Th s  rd Davi PamFo A s children, our surroundings seem so big, “bigger than life.” Things tower above us. My memories hold many of those shadowy giants. Each time I have the opportunity to return to my old neighborhood, it’s such a revelation, to see how small the community really is, how small many of the houses are, and how small our yard was! Up at the head of the road we lived on, stood a big old house, a very special old house. It was the home place of my Dad, his parents, and his older brothers. Dad grew up there when it was a working farm. He told me stories of Grandma fixing big meals for them and the hired hands, who I am sure, must have been very grateful for the delicious home-cooked foods. In my earliest memories, the house was then home for Grandma and Grandpa. Shortly after they moved from there, to live with my aunt and uncle in a smaller house on the corner. « 30 DOZ Magazine May 2018