DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 28

Grace and Beauty Recovering Femininity I Dinora Garza  ’ve always been very thin, at times unbelievable so. So, for me finding clothes suitable in size and style has always been a problem. Yet I couldn’t even imagine how much harder it would become as the years go by! Clothing companies in America seem to have resolved to tag a whole nation with the filthiest tag imaginable. Looking at girls on the streets reminds me so much of sex trafficking…I wonder why. Pants that look more like rags than anything else. Blouses so transparent that you don’t have to guess our inner thoughts. Shorts so revealing that they would make a street girl blush. We are becoming more and more a nation of indecent model wannabes…to our own shame. And I’m not talking only about unbelievers. No. Many of the women who affirm to possess the mind of Christ are seeking to accommodate to the trends of the moment as well, without the least regard for modesty. Shouldn’t that very fact set off alarm bells in regards to their spiritual condition?  When we read in the Bible how God expects us to act and look, the gap between what He commands and what we choose to do is monumental! ctable es in respe gold lv e s m e th adorn ir and en should braided ha o profess m h o it w w t t a o n th also en wh ontrol, “Likewise r for wom and self-c e p ty o s r e p d o is t m ith wha s’’. apparel, w stly attire, but with good work h o c it r w o — ls s r s a e or pe godlin Pastor Paul Washer explains that watching Pride and Prejudice seems to have the effect on many women of making them feel melancholic. The reason, he explains, is that the women of the story look and act so feminine, that when we women compare to them, we feel ashamed of what we have become. He couldn’t be more right. Deceived by the « 28 DOZ Magazine May 2018