DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 27

them how to be accepting of others unlike them, that God does not show any favoritism so we shouldn’t either, right? When I teach people how to love one another, we call it team building, but it’s about loving the people that you work with, treating them with respect and all those things. So, when I wanted to write this book, I said I wanted it to be steeped in some lesson inside the Bible because the Bible has every lesson you can learn whether it’s strategic planning, whether it’s communication whether it’s diversity and inclusion, whether it’s team building or conflict management, all those things I teach on regularly, I can find a lesson in the Bible around it, some kind of story. So, David and Goliath, was perfect in my opinion for teaching people about problem- solving, because David had a bigger problem on his hands with Goliath (she laughs). So, I went through that and looked at all aspects of that story and created a process thereby which people could take step by step approaches to problems that seem insurmountable at times even in the work environment. So, I am mid-way through, and my anticipation is that it will be ready for a late spring release. Thank you so very much for talking with us today Betty, is there anything that you would like to say to our readers before I let you go? I would just like to encourage women because I think the work that you’re doing is just phenomenal. We all need that encouragement along the way, because we get caught up because we play so many roles, there’s so much that is required of us and expected of us, and so much we expect of ourselves, and we get overwhelmed with those many roles and responsibilities, so I tell women to take care of themselves first, you know, look for ways to offer some self-care and continue to be introspective and to think of you in ways that are deeper than the superficial stuff we sometimes do, to give yourself about five or ten minutes a day to be mindful of you, what you bring into the world, how you think, your self-talk, all the things that you’re doing that either move you forward or cause you to be stagnant and so for those things that cause you to be stagnant you need to cut those out of your life and look for those things that will continue to help you to progress and if fear is stopping you, then you can overcome that fear. And I will encourage them to take whatever steps they need. Hopefully, something we’ve said today will move somebody to do something differently. But by all means be bold and courageo W2F7&VFCF27WƖVB'&WGG&W DvR##r *