DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 25

there are a lot of women who have read it who had given up, you know they had experienced losses, some of them multiple losses and they got angry with God and they stopped talking to Him or they wanted to know why because they thought it was unfair, but they read that book, and now I get all these pictures saying, oh I am glad I didn’t biotech industry in a very good job making lots of money, great benefits, and all kinds of perks that went with it. I had been doing it for 17 years, so I had gotten comfortable, I was doing very well, and then I decided, I can’t do all the traveling anymore. At that time, I had two kids that were very young, four and six and there was a lot of travelling involved, but I wanted to continue to train like I was training the sales people and I still wanted to do the sales part of my job, and I said, how do I combine the two? So, I decided that I was going to look for a way to start my own business, work as hard for myself as I worked for that cooperation and it was kind of unnerving to think of leaving all of that behind, having very little of a safety net, using my savings that I could potentially lose and then go out on my own with not a whole lot of support. So that was really scary, but I went through it anyway. Based on how God has blessed me in the past, I felt that I cannot allow myself to stand still at a time when I felt the urging to move forward. So, I prayed on it and instituted all those things that I told you about earlier, and it has been a successful move for me. We live in a world that is full of fear. How can Christians turn their fear into faith? give up, I followed your strategies and here’s the picture of my new baby that I never thought I would have. So, it’s very rewarding to know that your testimony is helping so many people. Have you had any other experiences that have caused you to fear? How did you handle this? Not to that degree like I had before because that was a life and death situation, but I have had situations where I have gotten a little anxious (she laughs), and one of my biggest was choosing to go into business for myself. So, that one was quite a challenge because I had been working in the I am a Sunday school teacher, and we talk about it a lot in my Sunday school class. We talk about Christians being bolder in our walk, and that fear does depress you in so many ways, and you have to understand that yes, we live in a fallen world, there’s a lot of wickedness and evil that’s out there, it’s always been present, so you’re always going to have to go up against something, right? But if you keep yourself fueled by faith, if you stay in the word, you stay strong, you keep praying, and you stay around a body of believers who will continue to strengthen you, then we have to go ahead and push forward because the other side of that is complete and total failure. It is a loss of spirit, it is a loss of taking charge, a loss of faith in God, it says to Him that you don’t even trust Him to do what He needs to do through you or others, so to be hopeless at a time like this is to give up on God, in my opinion. I say no matter what collateral damage occurs I’m going to fight through it all; I’m going to step up and speak out if I’m the only one saying it. If I know it’s the right DOZ Magazine May 2018 25 «