DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 23

and me. He’s sixteen years old now; he’s in high school, we’re looking at colleges. And so yes when initially I thought it didn’t look good, to be able to tell the story now, that was what I dreamed of even back then. What was it that inspired you to wage war on fear because some other person would have sat there hopeless, so what inspired you to take action? You know you’re so right, and I try to get people when they’re afraid to make changes I always tell them, what is the antithesis of that? If you don’t make the change what’s going to occur? If you do make the change what’s going to occur? So, if the other side is better or the potential is still good then staying where you are, is not going to make the situation any better, something is going to have to change. So you may have to take some risks in order to overcome whatever the situation is that you’re in and that risk is often times steeped in fear because people know the risk could lead to potential loss or failure, so for me I was just inspired by the fact that, most of this is totally out of my control but what God has given me is power and prayer and the word says He doesn’t give us the spirit of fear, right? So, I was like I am not going to accept this. I am not going to accept fear, this is when He shows up at His best, when we are at our weakest, so I am going to have faith that everything He’s promised me, He will deliver on and I had prayed about this pregnancy, we had worked hard to get this pregnancy, it was a very much planned pregnancy, so I didn’t feel like He’d brought me this far just to leave me. And so, I continued to believe that He would carry out the promises that He had made to me. So, in other words, your trust in God was what inspired you? Yes, that’s right. So, if people are going to wage war on fear, then they need to trust God more? Yes. That’s right. And I always go back and look at what God’s brought me through. So, if you’ve lived a life where you know you’ve been blessed, and you can understand how He works at times, and if He’s delivered you through so much before, DOZ Magazine May 2018 23 «