DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 22

from my church, they came around my bed, they held hands, and they prayed over that pregnancy and it’s interesting to think that the doctors kept telling us that if we can get this pregnancy to twenty-eight weeks, if we can keep him inside for twenty-eight weeks, he has a greater chance of survival, and you better know that when he was delivered, it was at twenty-eight weeks, that was all God. You know, when you ask specifically in prayer for that, and He gives you exactly what you ask for. I would have preferred he stayed longer but if that was the threshold, considering how early I went in, that was good enough for me, and I knew God would do the rest. And then also choosing your weapons, so the weapons are the shield of faith and your sword, which is God’s word. So, I stayed faithful, and I stayed in the word. And then you create a strategy against your enemy, so I had to do like a step by step here’s how I’m going to handle my days. I had to say to myself, because I was in a hospital for ‘‘ And so yes when initially I thought it didn’t look good, to be able to tell the story now, that was what I dreamed of even back then. forty days and it got worse at night, it seems like all of the evil things come to you at night. So, when no one’s visiting, when people didn’t come by my bedside when I was in the room all alone, that’s when all of the worst fears would come, all of the what ifs, my body would act crazy and the baby’s heart rate would drop, and nurses would run in and I would get injections. All kinds of terrible things would happen at night when you didn’t have the support of other people and just to see the light the warmth of a day. So, I had to figure out how I was going to get through those very interesting nights, and I survived those, thank God but it was a battle. And the next one was to declare war on the enemy which is what I did; I did not stop until my son was home. And number six, I say attack the enemy where it’s weak, use your sword. So, I knew it was a spiritual battle, and I just spoke against all things that I thought were evil and would come against me and my pregnancy and my child, and I used the word in that. And then claim the victory and rejoice. We were victorious in the end, and I still tell this story today of the victory God gave my son « 22 DOZ Magazine May 2018