DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 16

Love, Courtship and Marriage Dreaming Together T Jennifer Woodley h ere’s a riotously crazy song in the Walt Disney children’s movie ‘Tangled’ that depicts dreaming as a most wonderful thing to do. And it is. Everybody needs a dream. Especially couples. In 32 years of marriage, my husband and I have had an insurmountable pile of dreams. Many of them have come to fruition. However, most have not. It doesn’t matter. That never stopped us from dreaming together. As the song says, ‘way down deep inside we’ve all gotta have a dream.’ There was the time we dreamt of becoming dairy farmers on the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland or the time we planned to buy 3 wheel touring bikes and travel from the east coast to the west coast of Australia, across the Nullabor Plains. One time we dreamt of raising and selling angora goats or another we imagined ourselves breeding border collies. I even remember us dreaming of setting up an outdoor adventure club offering abseiling and white water rafting lessons for school children. Some may say we were just frustrated dreamers who needed to ЁѼѡɕݽɱ)%ͥаѡ͔ݥ́ݕɔݡЁ)ȁȁɥ܁$ѡЁͻeЁѕ)Ս]Ёɕ䁵ѕɕ́ѡЁݔɕѼɕѽѡȸ)Qո́ѡɕѡх́Ѽ)ѡЁɕѱ丁]܁ѡЁݡѕٕȁȁ́ݽձ)ݡЁٕՅѕ̸ѡЁЁݽձ!́́ݕɔȁ)ݕɔѡЁɕ́հɔ]ձɕЁѡ̸)ɕե́ɕѥ̸͡%Ё́́ɸɔЁѡȰ)ȁ́ͱ̰ݡЁ́مՔѼ́ݡЁ́и)=ѡ፥ѥѡ́Ё́͡ɕQ)ɔ́ɕЁչ䁽ѡȁɔ̰)ձɽ͔9ѡ͕́ͥQ́ݔɽ+ )=h5饹5