DOZ Issue 31 May 2018 - Page 14

Great women stand up for what they believe in. Do you believe in something? Then stand up for it. That’s what Rosa Parks did, and that’s what all great women do. And those who stand up eventually stand out. Great women are part of the solution and never part of the problem. Don’t sit in a corner and whine when things are not working as you would like them to, instead look for a way to make them work. Rosa Parks joined her husband in the NAACP and fought tirelessly against the segregation of blacks. And this was many years before she had that encounter on the bus. The truth is this; if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. There is no middle ground. Great women are lution o s e h courageous. Rosa received t f o are part blem. Don’t sit n e life-threatening calls during m o w t Grea the pro n things are f o t r the period of the boycott, but a p r e and neve er and whine wh like them to, she stood firm and did not in a corn ing as you would make them waver, and things changed not work look for a way to positively for the blacks. It instead took courage to achieve this. Be work. courageous. Only the courageous become great. Great women do not quit. fame comes to them. They don’t seek They do not give in to fear and to wine and dine with great men and women, but intimidation. When you know that great men and women seek them out. Greatness attracts you are doing the right thing, no matter greatness. how dark it may appear, do not quit. Do not What are you doing to solve the problems in your throw in the towel. Do not bow. If you don’t bow, you will not burn. Keep going until you community or nation? In what ways are you making a positive difference? Remember that this is what great win. That’s what great women do. They keep women do. at it until they win. Great women always rise out of obscurity into the limelight. They don’t seek fame, but « 14 DOZ Magazine May 2018 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Rosa Parks