DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 9

Who Are You Telling Your Dream? W Eturuvie Erebor e need to exercise caution when it comes to sharing our dreams because those we share our dreams with have the ability to determine whether our dreams are fulfilled or fizzle out. Not everyone needs to know your dreams as not everyone can help you bring them to fruition. And if they can’t, what then is the purpose of sharing? We could kill our dreams by telling them to the wrong people, the reason being that the wrong people will plant in our hearts fear and discouragement which will keep us rooted to the spot and stop us from taking the actions required to bring our dreams to fulfillment. Jesus had a dream, and He shared the same with His disciples who were supposed to be His inner circle. And the Bible records that Simon took Him aside and began to rebuke Him (the aim of this was to introduce fear and to keep Him from accomplishing His dream) but because Jesus knew better He instantly silenced Peter and with a very strong rebuke too. Joseph had a dream, and he told it to his brethren; it caused his brethren to hate him more and plot to kill him to stop the fulfillment of his dreams. Pharaoh told his dream to Joseph and not only did he get an interpr etation he got a solution to the challenge and ultimately the fulfillment of his dream. Pharaoh shared his dream with the right person. The people you tell your dream will usually do one of three things; one, talk you out of it by introducing discouragement and fear mainly because it is out of their comfort zone and they fear what you will become at the actualisation of your dream. Two, try to resist the fulfillment of your dream through opposition (like Joseph’s brothers). Three, they will support you in the actualisation of your dream. Therefore, the next time you are going to share your dream with a friend, colleague, or family member, ask yourself the following questions; Will they help me achieve my dream? Will they talk me out of it? Will they become an opposition? If you are unsure, say nothing. DOZ Magazine April 2018 9 «