DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 37

to swell with my husband’s child, with the child of the man I loved with every fibre of my being, and I felt my heart flood with so much hatred it was frightening. I asked God for mercy and pleaded for His grace to forgive the woman who was set to destroy my marriage and my husband for empowering her to do so. All through that day, I stayed in bed. I had no desire to go anywhere. I switched off my phones so no one could reach me. I sat in bed reading the scriptures and praying. However, just before Gbenro returned from work, I took a bath and made myself pretty for him. I also took the trouble to prepare his favourite meal, but alas, he would eat no food, saying he wasn’t hungry. “After I went through all this trouble, I’m disappointed you won’t eat your dinner.” I said. Gbenro replied, “I never asked you to cook me any meal, and if I wanted to eat in my house before the arrival of my new wife, I would ask my paid cook to make me a meal.” Then, as if that was not bad enough, when bedtime came, he left me all alone in our bedroom and went to sleep in one of the spare rooms. I wanted to go after him, but then I thought, what’s the use? So, I stayed where I was and tried to sleep, but sleep eluded me and I just lay awake in bed, thinking. So Gbenro and I now slept in separate rooms, right under the same roof? Lord, please help me, I cried in my heart, send the stranger out of my marriage. Turn my husband’s heart back to me, Lord, and heal my marriage. The next day, Gbenro left for Abuja, and if I thought I had seen the last of the troubles in my marriage, I was wrong. The first thing that happened was I received a notice for divorce proceedings from the high court. I was on the way to my clothing store when the court bailiff arrived. After he left, I was so demoralized I couldn’t go out anymore. I went back inside and cried, all the time talking to God. Then it occurred to me to go to church to see the Bishop. He was a man heavily anointed and used mightily by God, and I felt sure that if he joined me in prayers at this point, things would certainly take a turn for the better. I wiped my eyes, and taking the notice of divorce with me, I got into my car and drove to church. I was really in luck because the Bishop was about to get into his car when I arrived. Had I been delayed even one minute I would have met his absence. I brought my car to a halt next to his and hurriedly jumped out. I was so relieved I was able to see him that I burst out crying even as I knelt before him. “What is the matter?” he asked. “My husband filed for a divorce to end our marriage!” As I spoke, I reached into my handbag for the court papers and held them towards him. He took them from my hand, looked at them with contempt, and handed them back. “The devil is a liar,” he declared. “This divorce proceeding shall neither stand nor shall it come to pass. Rise and weep no more.” He turned to enter his car, and I grabbed his legs to restrain him. I felt he did not properly understand my predicament and explained to him that another woman was already sixteen weeks pregnant for my husband. That didn’t move the B ishop. He smiled. “Whatever God has not planted in your marriage will be uprooted. Now rise and weep no more.” His words gave me no small comfort, and this time I arose with a smile on my face and peace in my heart. I thanked him and returned to my car, leaving him to proceed on his journey. All the way home, I played worship music and sang along. I knew God would intervene. He always confirmed the word of His servant, and His servant had spoken, so He was bound to confirm it. I settled it in my heart at that point that my marriage would not end in a divorce. Gbenro and I would remain man and wife until death. I also settled it in my heart that the strange woman would not remain. She would leave the same way she came, and since the child she was carrying was not God’s planting, it would not be born. How God would confirm His word and the word of His servant I did not know, but I knew that He would. I also knew that when this season of adversity was over, God would promote me from being a childless woman to a woman with children. I decided to wait until Gbenro returned from his trip to discuss the divorce suit with him. I couldn’t even discuss it with him over the phone if I wanted to because so far he had not answered any of my DOZ Magazine April 2018 37 «