DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 36

me in the eye, and to tell the truth, at that point he looked nothing like the Gbenro I had married, and my heart began to beat faster. After what seemed like an eternity, he opened his mouth and spoke. “Thank you for taking the time to investigate my movements. But I went after Ronke because I provided you with a comfortable life, yet you refused to give me a child.” My brows met in a frown. What was he talking about? Who was he anyway? This stranger was definitely not my Gbenro. I tried to open my mouth to speak but no words came out, and so he went on. “I’m glad you found out about Ronke. It saves me the trouble of telling you about her. But I’ll tell you that she is sixteen weeks pregnant, and I’ve decided to marry her since she is a woman, and I’ll divorce you because you are a man incapable of carrying a child.” He got to his feet and walked away, and I stood there for only God knows how long, staring into space, playing back his words laced with contempt. The tears that welled up in my eyes began to flow down my cheeks. I could not believe what was going on. What had become of Gbenro? When did this change occur? Where had I gone wrong? Where had I failed him in my duties as a wife? Was this only because I was childless or was there more to it? What hurt most was that Gbenro had cheated on me and did not see anything wrong with it. Where was his conscience? Where was his integrity? Where was the love he once had for me? Had he forgotten so soon where we came from? Had he forgotten how I turned down wealthy suitors to 䁡ݡ݅́ѡ!ɝѕ)ͼͽ܁ѥ́$ѕɅ啐)Ѽٔɕѡɽ՝́ͥ9)ѡЁѡɕѡɽ՝݅́ɔ݅́ѡ́ѡ݅)Ѽɕ݅ɐ 䁑ٽɍ)ѥѡɽ՝͡͝Ʌݡ)ɽ՝ЁѡȁݽѼѡեЁ))QЁЁ$Ёͱݥ9ѡȁ$)ٔѡͥѥɽѡ䁍ɽхѥ)ݥѠɼ$х啐ѡɔɅ啐Ѽ)и$Ʌ啐ɥɥɅ啐)䁭̰䁙аɽɅєѡɽչ+ )=h5饹ɥ)$ѥՕѼͥѥ́չѥѡ䁉ɽ)]ɹ$ͽЁ)́ݕɔɕ͕ѼٔՉ)ͥ锸$ɽ͔Ѽ䁙ЁݕЁх́Ѽ)ɽQȁݕɔՔѼ)䁵ЁѼѡȁ䁍ɕ̰$e)݅ЁѼ͕ѡЁхє ̰ͥ'eЁͱЁ)ݥЁ$݅́ͱ)]$ЁѼȁɽ$݅́ɥ͕)Ѽ͕ɼɕѡѡɽ)͡٥!eЁЁѡ́ɱչ́݅)ɅٕЁѽݸ́ȁ́$ܰ݅ͻe)͍ձѼɅٕѽ丁 ЁѡݡЁ$ɕ)܁Ёɼѡ͔$ɕѕ)ͽչ́əհ́$ձЁЁݕ)䁡Ёͅ+q]ЁݽձԁѼٔȁɕt$)ͭ)Mѥѡɔ݅́ݕȁЁ́$݅́)䁵ѠѼɴѡȁՕѥͱ)ѡѡɽȁ䁙ѡɹ)ѡ$ͥЁѼ)х ٽѥեݥѠ)́$Ցѡ͍ɥɕ̰ɼЁѡ)ѡɽ٥х́ѠѼɕ)ɥ䁱ձeЁȁѼѡͅ)ɽݥѠ́ɕ͕ЁѼ)ЁЁɔ́ɥ͔Ѽٔ)ͅqAɔٕ݅́ͥ́ȁ)ѡȁͥհ屔t)$͡䁡Qձ$eЁ܁ݡЁ)ٕȁѡ$ɥ5ɔхѱ)$eЁ܁ݡЁѼЁѡɔ]ձ)ɕ䁉ȁٽɍ́ѡɕѕ$)ɕխ͕ѕ䁙ȁݥѡЁ)ѡ՝и$Ʌ啐аeЁ$M$)Ѽѡͥѥٔѡ՝́ЁѼ)䁉ѱ́ɕ͕ٔ䁵ɥ]Ё)ѡݽݡ݅́ɕЁȁ䁡͉)ٕɼeЁٽɍeЁ)ȰݽձȁɥٕȁѡͅݥѠ)ѡɕ͕ݡݽձх)ɕȁ䁡͉é=ɼ)܁ձԁѡ́Ѽ$ͭͥѱ䰁)$Ѽݕ$݅ѕͼՍѼٔ)ȁɕЁѡЁͥɔٕ́Ѽ)ѡȁݽ)$ѡ՝ЁЁѡݽݡ͔䁡