DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 35

if I didn’t want to. I drove a nice car, had loads of clothes and jewelry, and was the envy of both friends and family members. It was a wonderful life, but our childlessness spoilt it for me. My friends and family members would say, “What good is all this wealth if one has no child to leave it to?” And out of envy, some people really rubbed it in, even suggesting that our newfound wealth would intoxicate Gbenro one day and make him take another wife who would bear him children. Gbenro, however, told me not to listen to such rubbish and assured me that I was all he ever wanted, child or no child. In fairness to him, he was so loyal to me that his family members didn’t dare make any trouble because he openly declared that whoever was to even look at me in a funny way, let alone say anything that would hurt me, would be cut off from him for life. Since he had become the breadwinner of his entire family, everyone fearfully obeyed him. The one person he would have had issues with was his mum, and she died shortly before we were married, so I guess that helped matters somewhat. However, as much as I appreciated Gbenro’s love and support, I desperately wanted to have a child. I loved Gbenro, and I wanted to see my tummy grow with his child, I wanted to feel his child move inside my womb. Every time I saw a pregnant woman, I would stare and stare at her belly for ages, wishing I were in her shoes. I would say to myself, “If money could buy that, I would have one myself, but no amount of money can buy it, God gives it at His own time to whomever He wills.” I went for a series of tests at home and abroad, and they all said I had no medical problem and that if I just relaxed, a child would come. Relax? Only God would help me there. I was so agitated that most of my prayers concerning the issue were said in fear and not faith. And then there was the issue of Gbenro’s constant traveling. The wealth that had come was good, but it seemed that in order to maintain the status quo, Gbenro was always away, and I didn’t see him as much as I would like to. If he wasn’t going abroad to bring in his goods, then he was traveling around the country to ensure even distribution of the goods. Sometimes I traveled with him, but I didn’t have his itchy feet and preferred to be in one place instead of being always on the move. Many times my ovulation came, and Gbenro was nowhere to be found, so I wept because that was another wasted opportunity. In the middle of all this, one night after my prayers, the Lord began to speak to me about my husband. He asked me to pay closer attention to Gbenro as he was not at the same spiritual level as when we were first married, before all this money began to roll in. Following the Lord’s instruction, I observed my husband more closely, and I discovered he had changed in many ways. First, he had a new clique of friends, men who were also wealthy but didn’t know God, and I discovered he began to use foul language which he never used before. He also didn’t spend time in word study and prayer as he had before. It appeared he had become too busy for God. When I approached him to discuss these issues, he flared up, which was very unlike him. Prior to this my Gbenro had never yelled at me. Yes, we had our differences in the past but he never raised his voice at me. At this point I knew Gbenro was not only drifting away from the Lord, he was also drifting away from me. I began to suspect a strange woman was in the picture, and why not? After all, Gbenro was a rich young man and any woman would want him. I remembered what my family members and friends had said to me, and I began to keep a close watch on all his activities, unknown to him. The truth came out at this stage. Gbenro was actually having an affair with a woman called Ronke, who happened to be an undergraduate at the University of Lagos. They were so close that Gbenro had even taken her with him a few times on his trips abroad. The news cut me to pieces, and I went home to cry my eyes out in bed. I cried because I did not have a child for Gbenro, and suppose this woman got pregnant and had a child for him? What would become of me? No, I would not follow that line of thought. Gbenro loves me, I assured myself. Perhaps he’s just fooling around and will put a stop to the affair once he realizes I know about it. So on that note, I confronted him with the issue when he returned from the office later that evening. When I was done talking, he sat for a while looking DOZ Magazine April 2018 35 «