DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 34

DOZ Chronicles : KEMI An excerpt from the novel, DOZ Chronicles: Kemi, by Eturuvie Erebor. Available on Amazon. Eturuvie Erebor What is a woman to do when her husband boldly admits he’s having an affair? Especially when she’s been married for five years without conceiving his child and the woman he’s involved with is already pregnant? Please forgive me for not introducing myself, o jare, I am Adekemi Oshinowo, and I’m married to Adegbenro Oshinowo. This is my story. Gbenro and I had been married for five years and three months when I discovered he was cheating on me with another woman. I was shocked to say the least, especially as we were both Christians who had fervently and faithfully served the Lord together since we first became man and wife. Infidelity was one thing I was so sure would never be a problem with my Gbenro, but I was wrong. When we were first married, things were not very good with us financially. Gbenro was a struggling businessman working and praying hard to make ends meet, and we couldn’t afford the luxurious life we have now, but we loved each other so much that nothing else mattered. Three years into our marriage, God began to open doors for us, and Gbenro’s business as an importer of household consumables took a turn for the better. Our lives changed so fast I could hardly believe it. We built a massive house in Lekki complete with a swimming pool, where we currently live. The money came so fast that Gbenro ordered me to quit my low paid teaching job and opened a clothing store for me in Victoria Island. I had staff working for me and didn’t have to leave the house « 34 DOZ Magazine April 2018