DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 31

has done for you. Think about it! What items that you display in your home will help you start a conversation about Jesus? Maybe there is one that reminds you of your childhood—like a craft you made at church camp. Or do you have something tucked away in a special place that you can use to help you share a story about a trip you took? One thing that I have on my mantle are pictures of my family—not just my immediate family but my ancestors. I have an Aunt that was a preacher. She had a small wooden church in her yard, and she and her husband would have services on Sunday. She played the tambourine, sang and preached. I remember going there as a child to hear those sermons and that wonderful singing. If I had a picture of her sitting on my mantle, I could introduce her as my Aunt Anna, who was a preacher and share those childhood memories. Perhaps the person that was visiting with me might also have someone in their family who was a preacher, or they might remember a time that they attended a home church. This is a great way to get the conversation turned toward what God has meant to your family, and perhaps theirs. A seashell from your favorite beach could be a reminder of how God made everything so uniquely—especially us! Then, if your guest is receptive, go on to tell him or her what God means to you now personally and ask them how they feel about God and what He means to them. The rest of the story is up to your guest. They may share how they were close to God in their childhood or about how a family member would tell them Bible stories that they enjoyed so much. They may even share about attending Sunday School or Vacation Bible School when they were small. When it is your turn to speak again, progress to your own life to tell about your favorite Bible story and share a truth from it to further the conversation. Your purpose is to use something in the décor of your home that focuses on God. Perhaps you have a cross on your wall or an old Bible on your shelf. From that, you can tell when you realize you had done things you should not have done by reading God’s Word, but Jesus got rid of all those sins in your life by dying on a cross and paying the price for them so that now you are His child and can serve Him. You might share pictures or brochures from a mission trip where you served. There are so many possibilities! The sharing can go any direction you want it to, but you’ve used something in your home to help you tell someone about the Savior. You don’t have to leave your home to share the gospel! People, as they visit in your home, will come to you. You may find many things inside your home that can be used in a friendly and casual way to share your faith! You don’t have to be a Bible scholar— just share what you know in the comfortable surroundings of your own home and do the Kingdom-building work of sharing Jesus! DOZ Magazine April 2018 31 «