DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 26

have a lot of things that they are dealing with and so being a Christian you have to be able to discern those things so the Holy Spirit can tell you what you need to do and how to usher them in and build that relationship with them. And so, having that walk with God means He leads and guides you, He teaches you what you need, and it’s on the job training sometimes. Most of the time it is for me, and the Holy Spirit just leads and guides and the things He has me to say, I just walk out of there, and I think, wow, Lord where did that come from? But it wasn’t for me, it was for them, and I truly believe that if I did not have a foundation in God, I would not have the strength I would not have the courage I would not have the tenacity to do what it is that I do. What are some of the challenges associated with your job? Some of the challenges I would say would be working with individuals who promise and break those promises. Individuals who say they want to be part of but are not really willing to be a part of. Adults that say that they have a love or a passion for young people only to find out that they truly don’t, that it is a self-fulfilling thing that they wanted. So those are the challenges that I run into and it is mainly with the adults that I come in contact with, that are not really who they say that they are, and « 26 DOZ Magazine April 2018 they are not really doing what they say that they are going to do and the impact that it can have on the young people is very damaging. So that’s where I find the struggle, it is with the adult that they may come in contact with. They may be principals, teachers, counsellors, whoever, it is the adults that really make it challenging at times. Not all, but some. Let’s talk about your book. I see that you authored a book titled, Beyond the Crown. Please tell us a little about this book, what inspired you to write it and what impact has the book had? I’ve always wanted to write a book, and so it’s been a book in the making for years. I’ve always written down my thoughts and said well, one day I’m going to