DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 22

and you’re looking for that fulfillment that you’re not able to get anywhere else. And the reason why you can’t get it anywhere else is that that’s not what you were designed to do, but God has a purpose for you so that you can be fulfilled. Now back to people who have made mistakes, is it possible for a person to get to a place where they’ve made so many mistakes that make it impossible for them to walk in their purpose? What is your opinion about that? There’s a number of individuals in the Bible that were on the wrong path, and they fulfilled « 22 DOZ Magazine April 2018 their purpose, so there are definitely many examples in God’s word, but also there are examples here in the world. I believe our society has put a label on sin or a label on those things that we’ve done in life, and we tend to think that they are right. When God says that He is no respecter of persons and that He forgives us, He doesn’t put any label on anything, we as a society have put a label on what those things are and there’s no one who can say that because of what you’ve done you’re not able to fulfil the purpose that God had intended for you to fulfil because what God has said, no one can change it, no one can annul it, who can annul