DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 21

Absolutely. Absolutely. Those things only come for resistance, for you to build muscles for the things that are coming, that are ahead of you, so that you can look back and say, if I made it through that, then I can definitely make it through this. What impact has the organisation had so far? What results have you helped young people achieve? Oh, my goodness! I had a young lady; I am going to tell you a little bit about her story. When I first met her, she was wearing all black, she had her hair in her face, she was a little overweight, and one day she tried to commit suicide, she was depressed and tried to commit suicide, and I asked the school if I could give her a call and I was able to tell her, thank God that you’re still here with us and I love you. And we went on this journey together, and I left the school because I had moved away and now I had come back to Texas, and this younger lady comes and stands before me, and I almost couldn’t recognise her, she had lost sixty to seventy pounds, and her hair was pulled back, you can see her beautiful face, and she wasn’t doing well in school now she is a senior and she’s got all the credits that she needs and she is graduating this year and I would like to say that I had a little part in that big transformation but I know that was God and I know that He used me for that little nugget, that little I love you, to push her into changing her mindset and really making most changes in her life, that is one of several but I just had to share that one with you because the impact that that young lady thinks that I had on her, she had a tremendous impact on me, and she reminded me that what it is that I am doing, is so worth it. It’s worth it. Your organisation seems to focus on helping people find purpose and walk in it. So, how important is it for a person to find their purpose and walk in it? I believe that the important reason why people need to seek out their purpose is it gives you the reason for your being, for you being here, because everybody has a reason for being here, and when you’re able to walk in your purpose, it is fulfilling, you feel complete. Because often times, we can get stuck in a job, and it’s our job, but it’s not our purpose, it’s our trade, but it’s not our purpose, so we find ourselves unfulfilled and always searching and looking for something because we feel, and we believe that there is something else, well, that’s your purpose. You’re looking for your purpose, DOZ Magazine April 2018 21 «