DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 20

Please tell us a little about yourself, Adrienne. I am a daughter of Arthur Hicks and Vicky Hicks. I have two older brothers and an older sister. I am happily married to Laumon Everett for two years, three years this June. Together we have a total of six children; ages range from 26 to 16. They’re all in their respective places, either in college or in their different careers or finishing high school, or just continuing on in high school, so we’re definitely blessed. I see that you are the founder of a non- profit, called Girls & Boys LIFE. Please tell us about this organisation, and how it came about. Was it something that you always wanted to do? It wasn’t something that I always wanted to do. Definitely, it’s a purpose that God had intended for me to do and I want to do God’s will not mine. I have always worked with youth; the funny thing is that I told my mum that I was never having any children and I didn’t want anything to do with children because they were just horrible, and I ended up having three of my own. And so I became a youth leader and then a director and then found myself doing the Girls and Boys LIFE and the reason for “ I believe that the important reason why people need to seek out their purpose is it gives you the reason for your being, for you being here, Girls and Boys LIFE is because when I was a young girl I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and life happened, I got married, I made some bad choices and some bad decisions and I had children and I did kind of let that go away because I felt like it didn’t matter anymore I wasn’t going to be able to accomplish it because I am getting older and things were just happening, and then I realised, if you have a purpose, it doesn’t go away just because you get older or because things happen in life, it is still there, and it is still your reality, you just have to believe it and achieve it and so that’s how Girls and Boys LIFE came to be. Awesome. So, what you’re trying to say is that despite what life throws at us, it is still possible for us to achieve our dreams? « 20 DOZ Magazine April 2018