DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 19

A drienne Hicks-Everett is a wife and mother. In 2014 she was crowned Ms. US Continental. A man- made crown or proclamation wasn’t necessary though because God had made her queen from the onset. To Him, she had always been a queen, but like many women, she had forgotten who she was. Being crowned Ms. US Continental, helped her rediscover who she was, it also opened doors for her to speak and teach youth about leadership, self-respect, confidence and focusing on their dreams. She believes that her life purpose is to impact the world by teaching the power of God through faith and trust in His plan for one’s life. She also believes that being transparent about her past hurts, failures, disappointments, mistakes, and defeats help to empower encourage and inspire others to keep moving forward. She is the founder of Girls & Boys LIFE. LIFE is an acronym for Looking Inward For Excellence. It was founded to impact and change the lives of young people all over the world. G and B LIFE is passionate about encouraging, inspiring and empowering people to accomplish their dreams. And their goal is to help young people discover purpose by writing out their goals and by helping them find their identity. Adrienne believes that God has called each one of us for a purpose, that our dreams are possible and obtainable regardless of the disappointments in life and that with focus, determination and God’s guidance it shall come to pass. She is a phenomenal woman who is not afraid to show her scars as she believes that they make her human and give others the inspiration they need to move past their mistakes into the future, knowing that if God caused her mistakes to work for her good, He could cause their mistakes to work for their good. I read her book, Beyond the Crown, which she sent to me as a gift, and I was blown away by how her experiences reminded me of my experiences and how far God has brought me. If you are a woman who has made mistakes and you think God can no longer use you, then you want to read Adrienne’s interview, and a copy of her book. But don’t just stop there, get in touch with her using the contact details she has provided at the end of the interview. I can guarantee you that you will be inspired to move past the enemy’s lies into your purpose. God has a good plan for you. DOZ Magazine April 2018 19 «