DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 12

traditional copper pot called cataplana. For meat dishes, a suggestion valid for the whole national territory is cozido à Portuguesa, a boiled meat of various kinds, with vegetables and sausages. In Portugal, there are excellent PDO, veal, pork or kid meat, and then vegetables and fruit, sometimes PDO, which retain the flavor of the past, also because in many cases they are organic. Currency: Euro. Visa: You will need a valid passport. No visa is into the authentic culture and history. You can go cruising to Madeira, to explore the beautiful nature and, of course, to taste some the famous liqueur wine. Culture: A culture that is observed in the villages and in the cities, in the monuments and in the traditions, in which they are also discovered, the various influences that the Portuguese have been able to assimilate with creativity. Even the sea, always present, has played an important role in shaping the personality of the Portuguese, and has allowed them to go beyond the European continent and to learn and exchange knowledge with the rest of the world. Food is a part of Portuguese culture. In the Portuguese gastronomy, the sea plays a fundamental role. When you taste a grilled fish, which is always fresh as seafood abounds on the coast, you immediately realize that you are in Portugal, because this is where you find the best fish in the world! In addition to being cooked on the grill, fish and seafood are also excellently prepared as soups, perhaps cooked with the « 12 DOZ Magazine April 2018 required if you are going to stay for a short stay to visit the country and you are not interested in staying for longer to study or work there. Conclusion: A trip to Portugal is an amazing way to explore a European hidden gem as this country is not so common as a travel destination, but you would be surprised by all the things it has to offer to you to really give you a trip to remember. Relaxation, exploration, history, and spirituality... in Portugal you can find all this and so much more!